My Nifty Nappy!

One of my customers had this to say about my Nifty Nappy:
"I love these diapers! They are super absorbent, adorable, so soft, and they fit both my 3 month old and my 18 month old very well. They are now the first ones I reach for when the diapers are all clean! Thanks so much for a great quality diaper and for all of your help with my custom order and fitting questions."

I started using cloth diapers with my first baby.  These were a simple fitted made with flannel and a bulky soaker sewn inside.  They had velcro closures and we used those nasty plastic pants.  I used these for my first two, but my second child had really sensitive skin.  At one point when she was about 9 months old she got a really bad rash and we just couldn't clear it up.  Our Dr. finally suggested that we go back to disposables at least until the rash cleared up.  We did this and then when we started to try to use our cloth again we had rash immediately.  We got rid of our cloth and our little boy, #3, was all disposables.  After I had started with #4 I met a gal that had a pocket diaper that I figured I could make up, so I spent some $$ and got a snap press and material and made me some diapers.  I loved them.  They had PUL and we stuffed them with microfiber cloths.  They worked pretty well and we had some rashes, but usually if I put some stuff on it it would clear up.  I used these same diapers for #5 too.  With #6 on the way I was worried about my diapers because they were starting to leak a little around the legs.  I went looking for something more absorbent.  I found WOOL!!!!  Whoo-hoo!  I love wool. 

Then with the freedom of wool I moved on to better fabrics too.  I discovered Organic Hemp and Bamboo.  They are wonderful and absorbent.  They are antibacterial and anti-microbial.  It is also a huge plus that they are organic.    Also I do have certificates to show that these are organic that I can produce if anyone feels they need to see these.

After I got the good fabrics I started looking into diaper shapes.  I wanted to make the best diaper possible with the expensive fabrics I had just bought.  I stayed with the basic shape of before, but I changed where the snaps land.  I went from side snaps to front snaps.  It makes it easier to fit more sizes and also the flaps don't need to be tucked down in the diaper, which they did with the side snaps.  I liked the shape of my diaper.  I liked how it tucks under the babies tummy and is a trim fit without a bulge in the front.  It doesn't have a saggy bum either.  I really like the trim fit so it looks natural. 

So keeping the shape and changing where the snaps land, I looked into changing the way that I sewed them up.  From the PUL pockets that I had made and used I learned that if you make all the seams inside the diaper then the edges will wick the moisture from the inside to the outside of the diaper.  I figured if I serged all the edges then there would be nothing to pull the moisture out.  The elastic is enclosed so that there is no irritation for the baby's legs.  There is also elastic in the back to help with fitting for smaller babies. 

Find my Nifty Nappy here.