Welcome to my new web page.  I hope you find it informative.  I have had a few questions about my diapers, and cloth diapering in general.  I decided I wanted a place that I could send people to as a reference.  This is the result.  This blog is where I will keep you up to date on my etsy shop, and how my cloth diapering is going. 

3/4/2009 07:56:27 am

I was wondering if I need to lanolize a wool soaker that I just finished knitting. Also, should wool soakers be worn under other clothing? Will moisture soak through onto carpet? onto my clothes?

Lovely website, btw, I will surely be a regular visitor!

3/4/2009 10:51:08 am

Hey thanks. This is very informative. I would like to start again. But I really lack the know how. I don't know if you have heard of "g" diapers, those are what i was using. They come with a disposable inner. I used a cloth insert and used them. They were all right for a while but it seemed that my baby got rashes alot. Your website has really taught me alot. Thanks again Laura

3/5/2009 03:33:03 am

Erin, yes you want to lanolize then, and yes, they are made to wear under clothes or on their own! I added the info to my site thank you for the question!

Laura, Thanks for your kind words. I don't like the g-diaper as this would fit under the PUL type diaper. Not breathable, which is probably why your little one got rashes. I'd love to help you get back into them just let me know!


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