How exciting. My cute little trainers were featured on etsy. I am so excited that they thought they were cute enough to go into the treasury. It was so fun to get the convo and read that my trainers had been picked. There are lots of other adorable items in the feature too. They feature will only be there until March 11th (wed.) at 12:45 a.m. So, if you want to see it you better hurry!
I made more diapers on Sat. I have to finish putting snaps on them, and then I need to take pictures. I am excited to list them, they are adorable fabrics.
I had a lady critique my shop for me this is where it is if you are interested Basically she suggested I not be so wordy in my titles and my descriptions. I think that as soon as I get my webpage all done I will link to it and cut out a lot of the technical info I have on my descriptions.  Do you think that is a good idea, or should I leave all me info there?  She liked my pictures and suggested I change my banner to something more simple along with the avatar. I just need to figure out how. If you have any ideas send them this way. She suggested something sewing or a pict of my notions or something simple like that. So, I am excited.
I also had a lady that wants me to make some blankets for her organic baby bedding shop. that will be fun! Alot of good things are happening right now. I am so blessed!

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