I am trying to figure out how to get my time all lined out.  I feel that I am doing my sewing all the time and everything has to take a back burner to it.  That isn't what I want though.  My family is really important to me.  I want to be able to spend time with the kids not get all ornery cause I stayed up late with diapers or something isn't working like I need it to.  I also have many other hobbies that I feel like I haven't had time for.  I want to be able to quilt with my friends,  do some scrapbooking, or not feel guilty when I am sitting down doing a little crocheting that isn't a soaker.    How do you ladies all do it?  I don't want to just give up, but I don't feel that I have my priorities right and I am not ok with that.  Any ideas?   One of the ideas I have had is to sell a "Sew your own diaper" kit.  I would cut out all the fabrics and the elastics and such and then I would have a tutorial video on my webpage to help them out.    What do you think of that idea?    I am also having issues with the whole lead testing and labeling things.  That is a major thorn in my side.    Ahhhh.... sorry I just had to vent my feelings somewhere.  Any suggestions or advice would be welcomed!